My name is Milagros but you can call me Milz
I am a Peruvian fashion designer who loves music, nature, desserts and travelling

I am 25, but I look younger                                                   ——–>

Templo de Debod – Madrid

I had decided to write my best memories that come from trips, many of them I did with friends, a boyfriend or alone but for sure, each one has taught me something special about life and me.

I have always heard that travelling changes you but afterwards, I think they made a better version of myself instead.

There are things I learnt while I was abroad and I didn’t know:

-Somewhere in this world, I am not seen as a “weird” person so I can be myself
-I deserve to be loved by an amazing man
-I can help some others with a simple but powerful word
-There are people who understand me and enjoy my company
-People fail but it is not an excuse to stop chasing your dreams

The most important thing about travelling is not just the place, is the company especially international people that can always teach you something new! 🙂